Wednesday, November 11, 2009

november 10th

Yesterday only three members of our 6th grade class were able to come due to a 6th grade field trip, and so instead of continuing work on the fables we are having them write, we had 'book chat'. Erica and I were enlightened about the Twilight Series and Harry Potter. Next week we plan to have them finish up their fables and then we want to do the play writing activity we did with our 8th graders....
We had the 8th graders pair off into groups of two and write situations such as 'you get pulled over by a cop on the freeway' and then compose a dialogue that matched the situation. We wanted to sort of introduce playwriting and considering we were working with boisterious 8th graders it became sort of a sketch comedy hour. It was fun and they seemed to enjoy it.

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