Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27th

Today Erica and I brought in compilation books of all the stories our students and written. We had them drawn cover pages and then typed up all their stories over the weekend and copied all of them and brought them to give to each student. We provided a bit of time at the end of class to give everyone a chance to read aloud.
Before we listened to the stories being read, Erica and I introduced our next story assignment- fables. We brought in a fable to read (we choose to bring in the story of Midas) and then had the kids discuss what a fable entailed. Then we had them break into small groups, had one student write a few sentences of a fable and then pass it to the next student who would add to it and then pass it on to the next to add to it etc, until they had created fables as a team.
After this we passed out story board so that the students could being plotting their own fables and had them give them to us at the end of the class so that we could give feedback and review them.
The students were really excited about their books and they turned out really well- Tristan let us know if you want copies, we made one for you!

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