Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is the first blog I've written in a while because March 16th was our Spring Break, I was sick on March 23rd and Brigitte taught the class for me and then for some reason I was unable to access the blog website. Anyway, the kids are on Spring Break today and they also were on break last Monday the April 6th, so this is a summary of how playwriting went on March 30th.

I started the class by briefly going over the different components of dramatic structure, but the students spent the rest of the class working on their plays. Some of them had started their plays at home, while some hadn’t begun to brainstorm what their play was going to be about. I read over the beginning of one girl’s play about “Animal Broadway” and a match-maker animal, who also was the director of a play. I thought it was a very cute and fairly complicated idea, though the main problem was that she forgot to add “Scene ___” when it was a new scene. The other students I helped still were brainstorming and were not staying focused until about half way through the class once they had their idea. I was a little frustrated, but eventually more and more of them separated themselves and sat at single desks, so as to concentrate better.

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