Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 4

Just a quick note on week 4, which I neglected to post earlier.

When I met with my kids last week I was originally planning to talk about character development (as it seemed that this was the greatest challenge for many of the students in their fairy tales), but then I came to an astonishing realization..... week 5 is the Halloween scary story party/reading/candy feast! Only one week left to finish the scary stories!!

So character development had to take a back seat. I gave the students almost all the class time to work on their stories, with the exception of some time to go over issues with the fairy tales (most of them little things, but I wanted them to understand the comments I wrote on their pieces). I was delighted to find that many students had been working on their stories outside of class-- one girl was up to NINE pages, back and front (she is in the morning class and she is very talented and creative). Several students had already finished their stories. I had the pleasure of reading the finished draft from another very talented student in the afternoon class... she had put together a great piece that sounded straight out of the Twilight Zone, about a girl who starts disappearing bit by bit as a curse takes over her. I can't wait to see what the rest have in store for me on week 5... I'll post soon about the party and the first drafts of the ghost stories!

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